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Mr. Mister and Quick Change Diffuser Kit

Price: $149.95
Item Number: 291015-4000

Here is something completely new!  Mr. Mister delivers a penetrating mist deep into your dog's coat using high velocity air. It is a lightweight, hand-held accessory that attaches to the dog dryer hose. <br><br>

The soft rubber over-molded handle is designed for comfort. The mist volume is infinitely adjustable. It is the perfect accessory to the GTS Mighty Mite high velocity dog dryer, or fits any 1.5" ID hose cuff on a dryer that you currently have.<br><br>

No more hauling another bulky, heavy piece of grooming equipment to your show site set up, or standing there forever with a squirt bottle trying to get moisture on the dog. Mr. Mister uses forced air to get the job done thoroughly, and in a snap!<br><br>

Rugged and dependable, Mr. Mister was designed with professional groomers, handlers, kennel owners and owner-handlers in mind.<br><br>

Once you try this tool, you'll wonder how you did without it.  <br><br>

The Quick Change Diffuser Kit complements Mr. Mister - it uses the same swivel coupling to interchange between tools effortlessly. The ergonomic, soft rubber over-molded grips will keep your hands comfortable even when drying multiple dogs. The innovative swivel coupling allows you to change nozzles quickly and easily while the dryer is running, saving you time and effort. No need to take your attention away from the dog on the table.<br><br>

The kit includes the swivel screw on coupling, a round nozzle/diffuser, a flat blade nozzle/diffuser and a cage dryer attachment.

Product Reviews

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Mr. Mister
Janet Salzman (Oak Park, IL) 10/17/2012 11:00 AM
I purchased Mr. Mister and am so happy with the way it works. I use it to fluff up the fur on my Akitas prior to going to a show. I especially like the way it will work on legs and butt!!!! Most importantly I have found it to be invaluable during shredding time. I use it every couple of days and it has reduced the fur in the house along with getting the undercoat out in managable sessions. My girl has seasonal allergies and Mr Mister works great for her. It uses water only and seems to help reduce her itching as it massages the skin. I especially like being able to control the amount of water it releases. I highly recommend this to owners and professional handlers.
Mr. Mister
Ted Meeker (Zion, IL) 6/26/2012 5:44 AM
Easy to use, love it for multiple Newfs. I have 4 Newfoundlands, and they often get groomed/bathed at the same time. Mr. Mister saves me time, and more importantly, when I apply a leave-in conditioner, it gets it deep into the coat, and save me time and product. I get a more evenly applied conditioner, and they are looking much better when I am done. Best grooming tool since the invention of peanut butter!
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